The ECV Elders invite you to Wisdom Share: two afternoons of sharing wisdom, ritual and community: one focusing on the women’s rituals and one general session which will explore rituals which can be performed by all genders on June 13 & 20, 2020, noon – 4pm Eastern.

This invitation is an opportunity to learn ritual practices and share our medicine with each other through the spirit energy of all of our Ancestors and those of the lands of the East Coast Village.

These sessions will be a time for remembering our purpose, our passion and our gifts and reaffirming the bond we have with each other.

Due to this challenging time of covid-19, the East Coast Village recognizes that we are all experiencing a new way of being and we have decided to offer these teachings on-line.

We are inviting people who have been intimately involved in studying the Dagara traditions and medicine as we believe it is vitally important, especially in these times, that many people have access to these healing rituals.

If this calls to you, we would love to have you join us.

You may choose to take part in one or both sessions:

The women’s rituals: Learn about and explore women’s rituals that are known to us, including the Egg Ritual, the Mud Ritual and, possibly, other rituals passed down from Elder Sobonfu and the elder women of Dano.

The second session shares ritual teachings from the Certification and Reload Programs passed on by Elder Malidoma. These include dumpla, home ancestor shrine, mortar and pestle, and prescriptions, including more information on elemental rituals, sweeps, other rituals and prescriptions.

We are very excited to embark on the road to building a stronger bond and greater shared knowledge of the wisdom of the Dagara on Turtle Island and welcome all who wish to continue on this journey.


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