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Tingan is the spirit that allows an area of land to be safe for humans to inhabit and protects them from negative spirits and entities that are out in the wild, therefore providing an umbrella of protection for the villagers.

Tingan: Protector of the Realm

We owe our life to Earth. It is from her breast that the milk of sustenance is drawn, whether it is water, food, soil, wood, or herbal medicine, and it is to her womb that we shall return in death.

Tenbalu: Mother Earth Always on Call

Women of all cultures are reclaiming their feminine power and the power of the goddess in the modern era. The sacred feminine or reverence for the divine goddess is one that is universally connected to the Earth, to Nature and to sustenance of life on the planet.

The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Recovering fragmented parts of our essence in this uncompromising world requires catalytic rites of restoration that will touch our deepest soul, awaken our tribal spirit and reclaim the wisdom of the ancient ones.

The Pain of a Fragmented Soul

Since 2003, the East Coast Village has been facilitating rite of passage ceremonies and intense experiential healing in nature based on the powerful tradition of the Dagara people, taught by Elder Malidoma Somé,

Indigenous Wisdom: Finding Purpose in a World of Change

If addressed within a sacred space, the emotions of grief can provide powerful relief and healing. Any time the feeling of loss arises there is an energy that demands ritual in order to allow the return of peace.

The Gateways of Grief

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