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The Ancestral Wisdom Bridge Foundation (also known as the East Coast Village) seeks to be a sanctuary for ancient, indigenous wisdom passed down through generations.

 Established in 2004, our mission is to empower individuals by reconnecting them with their Ancestors and to Nature, through rituals, healing and community.


May all ancestors join force to wake up our spirit and put good thoughts into our psyche. Then we shall see the good that awaits us and accept it.
–Dagara Prayer, translated by Malidoma Somé

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Community gatherings

Every year, the community comes together to honor, celebrate and connect with the shrines and spirits of the land that make our work possible.


Your journey into ancestral wisdom begins with ritual intensives in nature to connect with the healing wisdom of the Ancestors and the elements.

Community OUTREACH

Trained facilitators will share ancestral wisdom tradition at your location. Bring your community together and we will create a program based on your needs.


We are changing lives, one member at at time. We stand as witnesses to the transformation, healing and spiritual growth of our members, friends and visitors to the village. Read just some of our stories. You are invited to write your own story of transformation. We would love to share it!

For nearly two decades we have been changing lives, one member at a time. These are some of their stories. We would love to hear yours soon!

I found my family here...my life would never be the same.

 Here in the Village, people took care of what could not be seen as well as what could be, I got my otherworldly needs met for the first time. The fact that I had medicine was recognized, and in the “enlightened witnessing” of my medicine gifts I was able to give birth to them. I felt valuable again, and I felt sane.

I learned to set my GPS for home regardless of how far away or how impossible it might seem.

The Dagara medicine has awakened in me the need for initiation in my life and the lives of others wanting to live more fully and more connected. This cosmology has taught me how to receive support from ancestors, the elements, wedame and Spirit in order to face the adversity that is always brought towards a medicine person.

Sacred shrines that link our community to the motherland of Africa.

Gift yourself the opportunity to experience the sacredness of the Other World while drinking in the sights and sounds and fragrances of the Natural World. Become part of this journey of self-healing and self -nurturing and participate in one of the many ritual experiences we offer.


december, 2021


September 6, 2020

We owe our life to Earth. It is from her breast that the milk of sustenance is drawn, whether it is water, food, soil, wood, or herbal medicine, and it is to her womb that we shall return in death.

September 6, 2020

Tingan is the spirit that allows an area of land to be safe for humans to inhabit and protects them from negative spirits and entities that are out in the wild, therefore providing an umbrella of protection for the villagers.

March 29, 2019

Recovering fragmented parts of our essence in this uncompromising world requires catalytic rites of restoration that will touch our deepest soul, awaken our tribal spirit and reclaim the wisdom of the ancient ones.

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