Ritual intensives offer hands on experience in the indigenous spiritual technology of the Dagara, featuring radical rituals of fire, water, mineral, earth and nature.

Ritual intensives offer a series of active and experiential exploration into the magic and the spirit of Nature, the significance and crafting of sacred space, the building and activation of objects of power and, more importantly, a bold dive into the craft, strategy, design, and implementation of protection and healing.

Over the past decade, I have witnessed an increasing number of people waking up to the call of the spirit, and needing to embrace a comprehensive path of growth, healing and transformation. With a limited understanding of what to do and how to proceed, many have been spinning around in their psyches, stressed and sometimes distressed by repeated wake up calls to action to which there was no clear reaction.

Meanwhile modernity needs more and more healers, more and more men and women of spirit who can show practical militantism and devotion to what they have been woken up to.

As the call of the Ancestors and other spirits to rise up to the medicine needed for the healing of our time becomes louder, so is the challenge to cough up some new indigenous skills suitable to modern day needs for healing. These are challenges arising as result of the awakening and made acute by isolation of the mind body and spirit from Mother Nature resulting in an utter lack of practical and creative sense of belonging. Thus, the time has come to return home to each other and to the medicine of our birth so that our citizenship in Mother Nature can be reaffirmed. Consequently, this is a time of radical reclamation of what seems like a birthright.

We belong to each other; we belong to our medicine, to our gifts.

–Elder Malidoma

The Elements of Nature

The Elements of the Dagara cosmology – Fire, Water, Earth, Nature and Mineral — are profound catalysts to reclaiming our personal power. Element by element, we will be moved deep into the healing wisdom of indigenous Africa.

The Elements of Nature offers the children of modernity the path to the ancient ways of our indigenous ancestors and the opportunity to embody their natural spirits in an effort to find meaning and purpose in a contemporary world that often blocks the genius within.

Gateways to the Other World

Gateways, shrines or sacred spaces, are potent entrances to the Other World. They are the foundation for personal rituals, the kinds that support the individual, family and community at large. Gateways extend a compelling invitation to enter into conversation with the ancestors and spirits of nature.

The Gateways to the Other World intensive is an opportunity to learn the construction and activation of these sacred portals. In so doing, we will own the capacity to transform a mundane space into an effective gateway in which spirit is invited to take over. Once activated, we will invoke the spirits with strength and power to bring about transformation within and without.

The Alchemy of Protection

The machine culture is a ruthless enemy of our purpose and personal power. Protection is therefore a necessary element to ensure that nothing stands in the way of delivering our gifts.

In constructing and activating objects of power and protection, we arm ourselves with spiritual defensive mechanisms to protect ourselves and others and thus save our energies for what is most required of us – the fulfillment of our purpose.

The Alchemy of Protection intensive provides an opportunity for us to gather nature’s medicine, and manipulate natural energies in the making of talismans, amulets, power objects, and ritual self-defense.

Date of revision: Dec 21, 2015

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