Dear Villagers,

A few of us met this week and decided to postpone the previously scheduled Strategic Planning meeting scheduled for November 9-11 for a number of reasons.

Most important is that we would like to have more time to prepare for a fruitful and meaningful gathering. Over the next few weeks we will be reaching out to Villagers who were passionate about different growth opportunities at the February Strategic Planning meeting. Together we will re-engage the process of actualizing those ideas.

We are grateful and thankful to all who see that the East Coast Village has the potential to bring the wisdom and value of the African Dagara powerful medicine to the world in an indigenous way.

With the help of our ancestors we are moving forward with strength and conviction that the world around us is waiting for the wisdom brought to us by Elder Malidoma Somé.

We will keep you posted about the next Strategic Planning gathering on the Land, which might come to reality next Spring. In the meantime, there is a lot of work ahead. Let’s make our vision a reality. The world needs our shining beautiful gifts.

Happy transformations in this year of Nature!


Board of Directors

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