Join Us as the Season Winds Down 

 October 15, 2018


Greetings from the Wilds of the East Coast Village!

As Fall settles in on the Land, we reflect on the abundance and gifts received this 2018 Nature Year Season.  A new tarp graces the Social Hour Fire Circle; an easier access to the camping area just after the bridge was built by our neighbors; the fruit and nut trees and shrubs planted last year survived the winter; more bulbs were planted near the kitchen; we made presentations to other communities; we were graced with presence of plant medicine people; the boundaries of the land were fed with water; the shrines and gateways received much attention; children played and laughed and decorated the Tingan Celebration arc. Rocky Brook bubbled with excitement and healing occurred for many.  It has been a good transition year.

Ancestralization Ritual, Oct 17 – 21 – spaces still available!

We will hold the beautiful 5-day Ancestralization Ritual from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. Led by our Tingan Sob, Robert Walker, this is a time to honor your loved ones who have crossed over.

You may not have heard that, if you have ancestralized others before at the East Coast Village, you are able to return at a 50% reduced tuition fee.  If you are called to attend and can arrive by Thursday, register now by going to the Events Page.



Join us as we put everything away and tidy up ready for 2019. This is a potluck event and, while there is some heavy lifting needed, there are other lighter jobs to be done.  AND, WE HAVE FUN!  Let us know if you want to come and what food you want to bring by either calling 518-658-0122 or sending an e-mail to                                                                                                                                                                  MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK!                    


Strategic Planning – Concluding Session,  Nov 9-11

The latest Strategic Planning process, which was birthed in Boston in the Spring of 2016 is nearing its conclusion.  Led by East Coast Village community members, Lula Christopher and Linda Cronin, who volunteered their leadership and facilitation skills, we will gather to clarify next steps, outline plans for the winter months and a program for 2019, along with singing, dancing and merry-making on all that a small group of people imagined and stepped up to bring to fruition.

Again, pot luck; the BBQ, microwave, toaster oven and fridge will be functioning in the Lodge. And there will be heat internet so those on the Land will be warm at night and those from afar can join in via the airwaves.

Let us know if you want to come and what food you want to bring by either calling 518-658-0122 or sending an e-mail to


Reciprocity ~ the Source of our Indigenous Medicine  For years we have viewed our Village gatherings and annual shrine celebrations as free of charge events or for a minimal cost, offering them in support of our dear community, fostering connections with the medicine and Village community.


This year, the generous spirit of reciprocity ensured that we were able to manage our basic costs.  We envision that next year will bring in more funds so we will be able to fulfill some of our capital project dreams.  Giving Tuesday is fast approaching.  Please consider the East Coast Village as a deserving repository for your charitable donation this year.

The Spirit world is witness to your generosity.

Together we will do the impossible!


Our 2019 Program of Events will be announced before the end of the year.               

 Get your calendars ready!

2019  MINERAL  2019  MINERAL  2019

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Your love of nature, spirit, magic, and ancestral connection has anchored the work of this community. We appreciate your continued support in honoring the healing wisdom of indigenous Africa. Please donate now!

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