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Elder Holly Brown Returns to the Ancestral Homeland

Elder Holly M. Brown

December 28, 1954 – July 1, 2017


It is with great sadness that we bring you the news of Elder Holly Brown’s passing.  Holly, who was initiated in the traditions of the Dagara Tribe of Burkina Faso West Africa at the East Coast Village (ECV) in 2009, contributed to the formation of the ECV from its beginning days.

With her mineral energy always present, Holly asked pertinent questions and expected logical, relevant answers.  As was recently said by her Mother, “Holly was the boss!”.  Holly held the position of Ancestral Wisdom Bridge Foundation Treasurer from 2010-2012 and stepped up, also, to be Treasurer for the 2012 Initiation as well as providing behind-the-scenes support for the 2015 Initiation.

Arriving many times on the land with her long-time partner, fellow Elder Ann Sousa, Holly and Ann would set up their tent and rejuvenate by Rocky Brook, while generously sharing their medicine with our community.

Holly’s quick wit, her guidance and compassion and her diligent undertaking of tasks will be remembered with fondness and deep appreciation.

At the 2009 Initiation Homecoming ceremonies, Elder Malidoma said;


                                      “Show your heart to have an extra rhythm carrying your body

                                   in a wave of melody that is inviting to everyone coming near you

                           to join in the quiet music that your elderhood is asking you to partake in.

                                          And, as you do that, leave a long trail of light behind you

                              for all those who are searching for the end of the tunnel to discover it.”


Holly – may your light continue to shine the way for all who were blessed to meet you on your path and may your journey to the Ancestral Homeland be filled with ease and grace, trusting they will greet you with open arms.





On behalf of All Villagers

Board of Directors
Ancestral Wisdom Bridge Foundation
East Coast Village

March 29, 2019

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