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Closing The Land 2021


Please bring something to share for a potluck lunch, dinner, and breakfast for those who are staying overnight.

Select your choice for staying on or off the land.  If not staying overnight, please choose “Off-Site”

Options include (all fees are waived, listed for reference only):

Cabin Rental: $25/night
Tenting: $5/night
Lodge (when available): $10/night
Off-Site requires payment of a Land Use Fee: $5/day


Please see FAQ about options for staying on the land.

For this event, the housing fees are waived and free, but please select which option you will be using.

The 2021 season at the ECV will come to a close on October 30th and 31st when we will be closing the land for the upcoming winter. Closing the land means breaking down the kitchen and the tarp over the fireplace, and cleaning out the lodge and the cabins that were in use. The more hands we have, the faster it will go…many hands make a heavy load lighter.

Also, Saturday afternoon we will have a special thanksgiving ritual in the Ancestors House to show our appreciation to the Ancestors for all they have done for us in the current year and for all that they will do for us in the year ahead. Yes, we petition our individual Ancestors daily at our altars and they hear us. But to have a communal prayer where many Ancestors besides our own will hear them tends to accelerate the manifestation of said prayers. Remember, intention is 90% to 95% of the work. So, come prepared with your prayers for yourself and for what you wish to see happen at the ECV. Please, bring something white to wear for this ritual…a white headscarf, shirt, blouse, etc.

Looking forward to seeing you as we gather one last time as a community in this Water year. Please bring something to share for a potluck lunch, dinner, and breakfast for those who are staying overnight. Please, notify us of your intention to attend by email at strongmedicine0309@gmail.com  or a text at 518-928-9088. That way we can have an idea of how many hands to expect on deck, and ready our backs accordingly.

Also, there are expenses associated with keeping the Village running smoothly…electricity, Wi-Fi, porta-potties etc. Hence, donations towards the upkeep of the Village are very welcomed whether you are able to attend or not. You can go to the ECV website to make your donation, and/or you can use the above contact options for such.


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