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Ancestors Speak Divination Card Deck


The cards are available as print on demand, meaning there are printed and shipped to you  direct from the publisher. To purchase the cards, please click the button (will take you to the product page).


The Ancestors Speak Divination card deck is inspired by the Dagara tradition of West Africa as brought to the West by Dagara Elder, Dr. Malidoma Somé. The card deck was created by Sula “Cindy” Paris and edited and updated by Aamirah Branch.

The deck features 41 symbolic cards, plus a blank card, with elements from the ancestral tradition of the Dagara, plus other universal symbols reflecting the human experience. The blank card in the deck is to add your own symbol. There is also a guide book with descriptions of the symbols and reflective questions to guide your understanding in divining with the cards.

Divining with the cards is a sacred ritual, and the cards are sacred medicine tools, to be used with good intentions.

Barka! All is good and well-intended.