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  • 4th Medicine Cabin Celebration Aug 7, 2021

4th Medicine Cabin Celebration Aug 7, 2021


If staying over night, that is, before or after the celebration, please select your housing options below (bring a potluck lunch, dinner provided after the celebration):


It’s time again for the triennial Medicine Cabin celebration (08/07/21).  The Medicine Cabin resulted from a divination by Elder Malidoma Somé in 2007, and Elder Strong Medicine (Yves) was identified as the gatekeeper of its medicine. In 2009, Psychic-Medium Julie MacDonald was installed as an associate gatekeeper. This cabin is a place for healing and primarily for protection. You seek council in the Cabin when you have tried everything and nothing seems to work. It’s a place where much clearing and transformation occurs.

Ever since its inception in 2009, every three years the Village is invited to join Elder Yves (Strong Medicine) in thanking the energy of the Cabin for the protection and healing it has provided to the Village. Anyone who has had work done in the Cabin is specifically encouraged to attend and voice their stories.

If you have not had any work done, your presence and that of the ECV community at large will also be very welcomed.

As part of the celebration, there will be two healing rituals specifically geared for the benefit of the attendees. To that end, think of one (1) pressing issue that you would like to have resolved within the next year, and remember that request when you come on Saturday. This is very important and will be very beneficial for you if you come prepared with said intention in mind. These rituals are a great incentive to attend the Cabin Celebration whether or not you previously had work done on your behalf in the Cabin.


As this is a maintenance event there is no cost for attending. Bring something for a potluck lunch. Dinner will be provided free of charge. For those staying overnight, there will be a fire circle Saturday evening. Please budget accordingly to cover your lodging cost.

Also, please register in advance  so that meals and lodging accommodations can be planned accordingly. Regarding lodging, there’s limited space available in the cabins and the Lodge. So, first come, first served.

To donate to the Medicine Cabin Celebration, or for more info, contact Elder Strong Medicine (Yves) at strongmedicine0309@gmail.com  or call/text him at 518-928-9088.




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