Seed, Root + Bloom

Seed, Root + Bloom

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Seed, Root + Bloom

“Radical simply means “grasping things at the root.”


Seed, Root + Bloom

Seed, Root, + Bloom weaves together ancestor folk medicine from native Black, North American, Central American, South American, Celtic and traditions from the diasporas.

We will gather at the East Coast Village for our 6th gathering weekend to commune with the plant ancestors, spirits, and realm crossers of the land. Our retreat will weave a sacred community together that will commune around the elements as we deepen our relationship with the fifth energetic center, the throat chakra.

With the companionship of our plant allies, rituals, energy medicine, and yoga as medicine practices, we come into a weekend of standing in truth. What does it mean to stand in our silence as courageously as we stand in our singing, storytelling, and truth telling?

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Cost and Logistics

Housing options include shared 2-bed cabin ($20/night), tenting on a tent platform ($10/night) or on the ground ($5/night),  or shared space in the Lodge ($10/night) . You may also choose “I will be staying offsite” if you are not staying overnight. If staying more than one night, please enter the number of extra nights in the registration form.

Tuition is $150.

If you wish to make a reciprocity donation when you register, you can either click on Donate on the Home Page and receive a charitable tax receipt or add extra nights under housing for the value you want to contribute.

The meals will be potluck. Please select “I will bring my own meals” on the following registration form.

This event starts on Saturday morning and ends on Sunday morning.

East Coast Village, Cherry Plain, NY.  Read more about getting to the village.

We’ve provided a basic list of the essential gear you will need. Please go here for the list.  Most important is warm clothing, rain gear and camping essentials – flashlights, sleeping bag, tent etc.




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