Let’s Grieve Together: July 27 2019, 10am – 6pm approx

Let’s Grieve Together: July 27 2019, 10am – 6pm approx

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Let’s Grieve Together:  July 27 2019, 10am – 6pm approx


“Our tears fill the sea that carries our grief to the other shore.”

Gather with us as we give voice to our sadness, anger, fear, rage, frustration and despair. Let’s give witness to the loss of a person dear to us, and all that is lost with that person gone. Let’s acknowledge all losses that we experience: jobs, relationships, stages of life, long held dreams and more. As we give the water of our tears over to the sea that carries our emotions to the other shore, let this water ritual transform our loss, provide release and bring us peace.

Dr. Malidoma Somé writes in The Healing Wisdom of Africa, “In my village, emotion is ritualized because it is seen as a sacred thing. If addressed within a sacred space, the emotions of grief can provide powerful relief and healing.”

He goes on to say that, “In order to do a water ritual effectively, one needs a community. There are few personal water rituals, as the Dagara people don’t comprehend the idea of private grief. Grief is a community problem. ”

Join us as we create a safe space using our hands, feet, voices, hearts, tears and the natural world around us. In community and in choreographed engagement, through song and dance, we will acknowledge each other’s losses, express our pain, and relinquish these to our Ancestors.

Dr. Somé also writes: “Villagers gauge the amount of grief that is built up in them by the barometer of their joy. When emotion has been fully unloaded, the rush of joy that fills you up can last for days or weeks.”

Come home. It’s time to grieve.


What to Expect

This one-day gathering includes a sharing circle, actively creating an Ancestor shrine and a grief shrine, and participating in the ritual itself.

You may also be interested in the Memorial Candle Making workshop taking place on Friday night: Memorial Candle Making Workshop

Reciprocity ~ the Source of our Indigenous Medicine

For years we have viewed our Village gatherings and annual shrine celebrations as free of charge events, offering them in support of our dear community, fostering connections with the medicine and Village community.

At this time we are asking you to extend your support to East Coast Village. Please consider offering a donation of $25 – $150 for any gathering on the land. 

We love to offer community celebrations and ritual for “free” ~ all are always welcome!! ~ and we also recognize the need for income to sustain our Village.

Please offer what you can in a spirit of reciprocity. The Spirit world is witness to your generosity. Together we will do the impossible.

Cost and Logistics

Housing options include shared 2-bed cabin ($20/night), tenting on a tent platform ($10/night) or on the ground ($5/night),  or shared space in the Lodge ($10/night) . You may also choose “I will be staying offsite” if you are not staying overnight. If staying more than one night, please enter the number of extra nights in the registration form.

Tuition is $30.

There is a $20 charge a day for staying on the land to cover expenses for utilities, insurance, maintenance, porta-porties, etc. This is in addition to the cost per night for staying in a tent, cabin, or lodge.

All meals will be potluck. Bring enough to share with 8 people. If you want to stay overnight, plan to bring your own breakfast. Coffee, tea, milk and cream will be provided.

This event begins at 10 am and continues until approximately 6pm.  Please plan to arrive around 9:30 am so we can start on time.

East Coast Village, Cherry Plain, NY.  Read more about getting to the village.

We’ve provided a basic list of the essential gear you will need. Please go here for the list.  Most important is warm clothing, especially for the fire circles, good footwear, rain gear and camping essentials – flashlights, sleeping bag, tent etc.   This will be a day when we are both outdoors and indoors; please bring appropriate outdoor clothing.

Please also bring:

  • tobacco & cornmeal for the original Mahican inhabitants of this land and to honor the American Indian aboriginal peoples of Turtle Island.
  • drums, rattles, playlists
  • a photocopy or photo of your loved one(s)
  • candles, fabric and/or mementos to place on the Ancestor Shrine
  • wood ash for the Village



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