Important Meeting, May 25-26, Implementing a New Council Structure for ECV

Important Meeting, May 25-26, Implementing a New Council Structure for ECV

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Important Meeting, May 25-26, Implementing a New Council Structure for ECV

Come help us to shape how we go forward from here. It is time to change!

Important Meeting, May 25-26, Implementing a New Council Structure for ECV

You are invited to join us on Saturday & Sunday, May 25-26th, at a meeting on the
Land to address a new Council structure for the ECV. Please seriously consider
attending because this is an important meeting. The East Coast Village is at a
crossroads. We lost many villagers during the transition over the last few years
and the Village has been grieving, trying to accept the painful losses and trying
to figure our way forward. It has been a difficult and trying time for the Villagers of
the ECV.

Come help us to shape how we go forward from here. It is time to change!

A few of us met last year and outlined a Strategic Plan with inspirational ideas.
Those spoken ideas need to be nourished and brought to life. Drafted ideas will be
addressed at the meeting. Together, we will figure out how to integrate those
ideas with the support of Villagers and Friends and within the new structure so no
one feels unsupported.

We are asking to listen to the Village Voices, wisdom keepers over the last 10
years and more, who dreamt the elegance of ECV into existence and the
indigenous village teachings into the Western world. It is a very courageous vision
and adversity has been staring into the heart of the ECV with all its might to make
this vision go away. Now we need to come together as Villagers to fortify the
Village and stand up to that adversity.

“Ancestors want us to rise” — Malidoma Somé

Let us put adversity On Notice so that we prevail in the beauty of Ritual

We need all the people who are part of ECV. We ask that you make this
meeting important to you. All Sobs, all Elders, Shrine Keepers, Villagers, old and
new, we ask you to attend. We want to be transparent in what we are doing.
Please spread the message to everyone else that you know who has been a part
of the ECV, either a long time ago or recently, to co-create an invigorated Village
utilizing the core forms of Dagara medicine.

We will consider a proposed new governance structure in the form of a Council for
decision making and responsibilities. Our Strategic Planning facilitators, Elder Lula
Christopher and Villager Linda Cronin, both Mineral women, will be describing and
addressing this new structure at the meeting. They have dedicated their gifts and
talents to the Strategic Planning process over the past 3-years and are committed to helping all of us complete this process over the May 25-26th weekend during
this Mineral year.

Also, new Vision and Mission statements have been articulated by the ECV
Board, following discussions in the Spring of 2018. These will be presented and
discussed at the meeting.

Let us know if you will be in attendance. Bring a delicious meal to share with your
villagers as this will be a potluck gathering. The kitchen will be ready to heat up
the food. In reciprocity for your service, there is no charge for this weekend,
although monetary gifts will be greatly appreciated.

Bring your gifts, passion and indigenous soul!

We look forward to participating in this momentous time with you and
sharing in your medicine. Ashe!

RSVP by registering here or contact Robert Walker at or call 518-658-0122


Cost and Logistics

Lodging – sleep in Lodge or stay in a cabin or tent.

In the spirit of reciprocity this weekend is free of charge. In exchange for your good will and shared work, the Spirit of the Land will reciprocate in this Mineral Year by supporting you with your personal goals and desires.

If you wish to make a reciprocity donation when you register, you can click on Donate on the Home Page and receive a charitable tax receipt.

The meals will be potluck. Bring a potluck meal for 8 to share

Please select “I will bring my own meals” on the following registration form.

This event starts on Saturday morning and ends on Sunday morning.

East Coast Village, Cherry Plain, NY.  Read more about getting to the village.

Usual list warm outdoor clothing, work gloves
MEALS – bring a potluck meal for 8 to share

We’ve provided a basic list of the essential gear you will need. Please go here for the list.  Most important is warm clothing, rain gear and camping essentials – flashlights, sleeping bag, tent etc.




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