Bring Your Medicine Gathering Jun 19 through Jun 23, 2019

Bring Your Medicine Gathering Jun 19 through Jun 23, 2019

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Bring Your Medicine Gathering Jun 19 through Jun 23, 2019

Just as in religion the spontaneous activity of the human imagination. . .operates independently of the individual–that is, operates on him as an alien [activity]—so is the worker’s activity not his spontaneous activity.   –Karl Marx, Manuscripts


Your gift is needed, and it needs the village to recognize it.  Your one unique medicine gift is essential and irreplaceable in this world.  We are gathering to recognize others’ gifts, and to share our own unique medicine gifts and genius, and have them midwifed by the village.

Dagara cosmology teaches that we each come into this world bringing something from the Other World.  We can only have a sense of fulfillment and meaning when we are giving that thing to our community.  This gift lives in our bones, in our spirit, deeper than the intellect or words can reach, deeper than what we can put on our resumes or diplomas.  It comes to life only in community, and it requires a village ready to receive it.

This is how value is measured in the traditional Dagara culture, each person who is born into the village is considered to have a unique and indispensable contribution to make.  Where modernism only values the mass-produced product at the cheapest price, the village values the unique gift and is willing to put in the time to help birth it. Where modernism only recognizes the material value, the indigenous values the riches given by the other world.

Most people in this world have not had the chance to have their unique gifts recognized.  As we always have, we extend the welcome of our village to new people and the medicine they bring but this gathering is for focusing on rebuilding our own community by celebrating and recognizing the medicine of those who have been in our circle for years as those gifts deepen and grow.

We will have a flexible plan of rituals led by individuals, but we will follow where Spirit leads us, and what is shown in divination.  Some plans already stated include:

  • egg ritual led by Elder Women and others
  • Kontombili and genie celebrations by the Kontombili diviners
  • a toast

Have a gut feeling there’s something you need to bring and share with the village? Get in touch and we’ll make a space for you during the weekend.

An object may speak to you in the three days before the gathering.  If one does, please bring it with you to the land.

RSVP by registering here or contact Robert Walker at or call 518-658-0122

Cost and Logistics

Housing options include:
– shared 2-bed cabin ($20/night),
– tenting on a tent platform ($10/night)
– or on the ground ($5/night)
– or shared space in the Lodge ($10/night) .
You may also choose “I will be staying offsite” if you are not staying overnight. If staying more than one night, please enter the number of extra nights in the registration form.

There is a $20 charge a day for staying on the land to cover expenses for utilities, insurance, maintenance, porta-porties, etc. This is in addition to the cost per night for staying in a tent, cabin, or lodge. $20 x 4 days= $80.

This gathering is at cost, so we can strengthen our community.  If new people come, we would like them to pay a larger amount.  The village must take care of itself before it tries to take care of others, and money is a clear need at this time.

Tuition is $80.

If you wish to make a reciprocity donation when you register, you can either click on Donate on the Home Page and receive a charitable tax receipt or add extra nights under housing for the value you want to contribute.

The meals will be potluck. Bring a potluck meal for 8 to share.

This event begins Wednesday night with an opening circle at 7pm “African time.”  Please arrive between 4 and 6 and be settled in and ready for the opening circle at 7.  Optional pot luck dinner the first evening.  Those who wish to participate for only part of the time are welcome to come in and go as you need, as long as you are attentive to the flow of ritual already going on when you arrive.  Thank you.

East Coast Village, Cherry Plain, NY.  Read more about getting to the village.

Your gifts.  Any object that calls to you three days before the gathering.

Usual list warm outdoor clothing, work gloves
MEALS – bring a potluck meal for 8 to share

We’ve provided a basic list of the essential gear you will need. Please go here for the list.  Most important is warm clothing, rain gear and camping essentials – flashlights, sleeping bag, tent etc.




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