Annual Tingan Celebration: Sept 28, 2019

Annual Tingan Celebration: Sept 28, 2019

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Annual Tingan Celebration: Sept 28, 2019

Archaeological evidence shows that the primordial pattern for human beings is to gather together in relatively tightly knit, clan-sized groups closely aligned with nature.

Elder Malidoma teaches that the healing power of nature, ritual and COMMUNITY is what the indigenous world offers to the modern world. He has committed himself to helping us create a physical and spiritual home here at the East Coast Village where the Dagara knowledge can be taught and people can come to receive the healing they need to find and live their life purpose.


Every indigenous tradition has a geographical location that they call “HOME” – their community, their tribe. They know that it is the place where they are physically and spiritually connected to the spirit of Mother Earth and to each other. In the Dagara tradition, Tingan is the earth spirit that allows us to be so connected. Even though you may not live nearby, once you have made this connection, you are connected by a powerful, invisible umbilical cord to this Tingan in this location.

Tingan was the first spirit shrine that was established at the East Coast Village by Elder Malidoma. In the Dagara tradition, Tingan is the spirit that allows an area of land to be safe for humans to inhabit and protects them from negative spirits and entities that are out in the wild. It therefore has provided an “umbrella of protection”, as Malidoma calls it, for all the other spirit shrines that have been installed after Tingan and for all the medicine work and events including the Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies, Ritual Healing Village and Certification trainings and the initiations that have been held on the lands of the East Coast Village since 2006.

Once you have acknowledged that this Tingan location is your spiritual home, that connection remains forever. Each year, you make the journey, a pilgrimage if you will, to re-commit to Tingan and re-connect to community.


Tingan is the shrine where you come to make a commitment to be a part of the East Coast Village. As a Villager, your commitment to Tingan acknowledges that this is your spiritual home where you are directly connected to the spirit of Mother Earth and community.

If the East Coast Village is calling to you to be your spiritual home on this earth plane, come make your commitment to Tingan. If you have made a commitment in the past, come to renew your commitment in order to strengthen the connection and allow you to be more grounded in this harsh, individualistic world.

During the ritual, we have a tradition of telling the story of our Village, especially what has happened in the last year. Much has happened this past year, including our new vision for the Village. With a renewed dedication to empowering people through the practices of indigenous African spirit technologies, we will dedicate to Tingan, our vision for the future. The vision of a thriving, empowered community of Villagers and Friends, living their life purpose.

What to Expect

Bring your open heart. Bring your love for Mother Earth and community. Bring your financial commitment to Tingan.

The celebration begins at 10 AM. Please plan to arrive promptly as there are preparations to be made for Tingan prior to the formal celebration.

Please RSVP your intention to attend so we can plan accordingly by calling 518-658-0122.

RECIPROCITY Is The Source Of Our Indigenous Medicine!

For years we have viewed our Village gatherings and annual shrine celebrations as free of charge events, offering them in support of our dear community, fostering connections with the medicine and Village continuity.

At this time we are asking you to extend your support to East Coast Village. Please consider offering a donation of $25 – $150 for any gathering on the land. 

We love to offer community celebrations and ritual for “free” ~ all are always welcome!! ~ and we also recognize the need for income to sustain our Village.

Please offer what you can in a spirit of reciprocity. The Spirit world is witness to your generosity. Together we will do the impossible.

Cost and Logistics

Housing options include shared 2-bed cabin ($20/night), tenting on a tent platform ($10/night) or on the ground ($5/night),  or shared space in the Lodge ($10/night) . You may also choose “I will be staying offsite” if you are not staying overnight. If staying more than one night, please enter the number of extra nights in the registration form.

If you wish to make a reciprocity donation when you register, you can either click on Donate on the Home Page and receive a charitable tax receipt or add extra nights under housing for the value you want to contribute.

There is a $20 charge a day for staying on the land to cover expenses for utilities, insurance, maintenance, porta-porties, etc. This is in addition to the cost per night for staying in a tent, cabin, or lodge.

All meals will be potluck. Bring enough to share with 8 people for the number of days you are attending. Plan to bring your own breakfast. Coffee, tea, milk and cream will be provided.

This event starts on Saturday morning at 9am and continues until about 5pm, after which preparations take place for a supper to be enjoyed together, followed by a fire circle gathering. You are welcome to arrive Friday night and stay through until Sunday.

East Coast Village, Cherry Plain, NY.  Read more about getting to the village.

We’ve provided a basic list of the essential gear you will need. Please go here for the list.  Most important is warm clothing, including warm hat and gloves, and rain gear.

Also, please bring:

  • Tobacco & cornmeal for the original Mahican inhabitants of this land and to honor the American Indian aboriginal peoples of Turtle Island
  • Extra coins and bills for a Community Reciprocity Offering to Tingan
  • Wood ash for the Village




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