Community Ceremonies & Celebrations

Posted Saturday July 29, 2017 by ECV


These rituals seek to support the community on an individual and communal basis. They are open to all with no pre-requisites. Unless otherwise indicated, they are usually free to attend. Check the calendar of events for dates.

Open House

An annual event to welcome all who wish to learn more about the East Coast Village and the work of Elder Malidoma

Drum & Fire Circles

Coming soon!

Grief Ritual

In the traditional world of the Dagara of Burkina Faso West Africa, the ritual of grief, conducted almost daily in different parts of the tribe, is the Dagara people’s way of releasing the tension caused by loss, and to restore continuity in their relationships. We will enter into the ritual space of grief following the traditional model of the Dagara. It is our hope that it brings the deep sense of release, peace and connection in your life.

Read more about why we offer grief rituals.

Shrine Celebrations

These annual rituals honor the gateways/shrines at the East Coast Village. Shrine celebrations include:

  • Tingan
  • Gnuir
  • Tenbalu
  • Beru
  • Kontomble

See you at the Village!

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