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Renew Your Connection to the KONTOMBILI at the east coast village


Support to the long-awaited renewal and dedication of the Kontomblé connection at the ECV.


Though they looked tiny and helpless, the Kontombili are the strongest, most intelligent beings God ever created. Grandfather told me they are part of what he called the universal consciousness, but even though they are immeasurably intelligent, like us they too do not know where God is. They come from a world called Kontonteg, a fine place, far bigger than our Earth, yet very difficult to locate in time and space. They make their homes in illusionary caves that serve as portals between our world and theirs. When the boburo and healers in our tribe need their counsel, they perform rituals in caves to access the world of the Kontombili.

~ malidoma somé ~

The East Coast Village Land on Bly Hollow was procured mainly because Elder Malidoma felt the presence of the Kontombili on the the land (Kontomblé as we say in the West). And as such, the founding members came together to acquire this sacred, rustic, spiritually-charged property to further the Dagara teachings. Since then, many have experienced the presence of Kontomblé, in dreams, unseen energies touching them and articles which disappeared and reappeared.

Kontomblé also made their presence known during the construction of the Gniur shrine. The path would not be cleared to build the Gniur shrine until Kontomblé was acknowledged. Consequently, a temporary K-shrine was established by Tingan in order to move forward.

Elder Malidoma soon realized the Kontomblé were not limited to the African continent. Many may recall Malidoma referring to brewing tensions in Burkina Faso, which motivated him to seek ways to bring the medicine to the West. As a result of this initiative, a K-shrine was constructed at what is now the Beer Diviner Brewery, and the East Coast Village is where the first Kontomblé initiation was successfully performed in North America ! That paved the way for further initiations across North America, bringing Kontomblé medicine to the West without the need to travel to Burkina Faso. Gratitude to Elder Malidoma for leaving behind this legacy !


The Kontomblé are benevolent beings who come to the assistance of a diviner in the Dagara tradition. It is they who come closest to this human world with messages from the Other World and Ancestors. Kontomblé divination - including stick and voice - is not for everyone. However, along the pathway of mysteries inherent in learning divination, there comes a time when a diviner, who is so called, goes through the ritual process which Elder Malidoma called a “merger”. In this process, the diviner is ritually bonded (or merged) to the Kontombili that works with them. 

Working with Kontomblé is a lifelong commitment, and should be taken very seriously. It's not like, "Ok, now I have this skill; on to the next." When or if, for example, you shift from the stick divination to voice divination, Kontomblé has now merged with you on a very profound level. It doesn't happen overnight. It requires spiritual development and practice. East Coast Village has always provided opportunities to grow and enhance your practice with annual maintenance rituals, ongoing training, as well as a private support group for existing and potential K-diviners. Our Kontomblé support group has been active for over a decade!

Kontomblé mergers and celebrations were conducted at what is now the Beer Diviner Brewery, across the street from the ECV. This inaugural shrine is no longer accessible, as the Brewery, owned by Jon Post (a K-diviner), is fully operational and open to the public. Yes, Kontomblé divined beer!

In order to continue these rituals with Kontomblé, the shrine needs to be well established on East Coast Village Land. The K-shrine should be a thing of beauty and otherworldly. A space for the Guardians, for the inner sanctum where the Kontomblé speak (channel) through the Diviner and a space for Divinees to sit and wait. This requires construction, beautification, rituals both here and in Burkina, and other preparations. We need your support to make this happen as commissioned by Elder Malidoma. 

We need to raise $2,000 to complete the shrine. We need your support to make this happen.

We have identified the future home for  Kontomblé where they will be connected to Tingan, Beru, Gnuir and Ancestors. We call it “shrine city” where all the spirits of the Land reside in union with each other, protecting, consulting and surveying all who cross the bridge to the ECV. This magical space, filled with ancient ancestors of the Land who reveal themselves in orbs of light, the trees, the waters and the Wèdamé, roam this land as our relations.

With your generous support, we will:

  • Clean and clear the shed in which the K-shrine is to be constructed which requires paid labor
  • Construct a partition wall for the inner Kontomblé sanctum
  • Build the Kontomblé figurines (both inside and outside) with clay and other prescribed materials
  • Arrange for preliminary offerings to Elder Malidoma and Grandfather Bakhyè to be made in Dano
  • Ship the special medicines made by Elders from Burkina Faso
  • Build a structure to house and protect the K-guardians that are outside of the shed

Once the shrine is completed, you will be notified with dates for shrine activation rituals.


The Kontomblé Dedication & Renewal will consist in rekindling our relationship with these beings from the Other World with whom we have been merged, or with whom we have one type of relationship or another.  Initiated K-diviners will gather to revisit what has happened following their merger and celebrate their kontomblé connection. Other participants will learn about Kontomblé and their relationship to us through testimonies from those doing Kontomblé work. They will also receive Kontomblé counseling as well as a blessing ritual.

Once the shrine is up and ready, diviners can look forward to:

  • Kontomblé Initiations/mergers
  • Annual Maintenance Rituals & Celebrations
  • Divination Training, including Cowry Shell, Stick and Water (scrying)
  • Divination Salons 

Help us reach our goal !!

Please assist us in this important endeavor. We need your support for this the long-awaited renewal and dedication of the Kontomblé connection at the ECV.

Barka!  Barka! (barka means thank you in Dagara).