As the host of four Elder Initiations held in the West, the East Coast Village is pleased to share that most of the folks who went through Elder Initiation in 2015 and one from 2012 are completing their process with Elder Malidoma this coming weekend in Asheville, NC. Elders Yves Nazon, Linda Spencer, Theresa Sykes-Brittany and Robert Walker will also be in attendance to support this process.

We welcome these Bokara into the Dagara Elders group of the West and to their next phase of initiation.

They are:

Ayomede Lillian Bengo

Darshanna Brooks

Lula Christopher

Heloisa da Silva Porto

Oriade Harbor

Rhonda Jones

Cosmore Marriott

Beatrice Niemann

Eugenio Ordóñez Espinosa

Jason Quezada

If you would like to send them prayers, thoughts, intentions or congratulations please reply to

Dagara Elders <> by Friday evening.

Thank you!

Jeremy Seeger, Theresa Thomas

On Behalf of Dagara Elders

March 29, 2019

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