Since 2004, the Ancestral Wisdom Bridge Foundation, has been facilitating rite of passage ceremonies and intense experiential healing in nature based on the powerful tradition of the Dagara people, taught by Elder Malidoma Somé, who was destined to reveal the ancient wisdom and practices of his people to the West in order to ensure their survival.

Know that we couldn’t have come this far without the support of our Friends. Your love of nature, spirit, magic, and ancestral connection has anchored the work of this community. Your unparalleled support in the past enabled us to:

  • Purchase 20 acres of beautiful land allowing us to offer ritual intensives and healing practices on our own sacred lands
  • Provide meeting space for community building, training and gatherings,
  • Erect fully-activated shrines of the Dagara tradition where activities, such as Elder Initiation, can be carried out with a direct link to the medicine in Dano (Malidoma’s village in Burkina Faso).
  • Increase the housing capacity for our residential programs to accommodate more people during ritual intensives.

Barka! Barka! A Thousand Thank Yous!


Now as we journey through 2013, a year of Magic and Transformation, we are need your support to raise well needed funds (and lots of new friends!) to usher in new and exciting transformational programs including a new practitioner certification and future rite of passage for youth.

We urge you to answer the call of the ancestors; to share our visions of expansion and continued spiritual transformation; to help us share the Dagara wisdom to all who need it.

Your donation of$10, $15,  $25, $50 or more, will go towards supporting the work of the Village including:

Scholarships – help us extend tuition to those in need so more people will have access to ritual, community and healing,

Building Improvements – your donations will help us upgrade our facilities, while maintaining the magical eco-system of our Village campus.

Again, Barka! Barka! for your continued generosity. And we trust that the ashé of your gifts will be fully witnessed by the ancestors.

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Please spread the word to your friends and help us meet our goal! Thank you!

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Your love of nature, spirit, magic, and ancestral connection has anchored the work of this community. We appreciate your continued support in honoring the healing wisdom of indigenous Africa. Please donate now!

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