Creating a Course/Program

A course is a complete set of units, quizzes (optional) and assignments (optional). Follow the steps to create a course from the Facilitator dashboard. In this step a new course is created. This new course is in draft state.

  • Course Title: Enter a suitable title for the course.
  • Course Category :Select a Course Category, in case you want to add a new category, select new category and enter the new course category name.
  • Course Image: Select a Course thumbnail image. This image is used in course snapshot and single course page.
  • Course Description: Enter a short description of the course. This is a two line description shown below the course title. This description is also used in creating new groups and forums. The main description and content of the Course can be added later on by simply editing the course form the front end.
  • Change Course Status: Enter the status of the course offline or online .
June 20, 2020

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