The East Coast Village strives to protect the health and well-being of our participants during in person events. Therefore, we request that you adhere and acknowledge the following protocols when visiting the Land (which will be updated based on current CDC and state of New York guidelines).

Masks optional for outdoors. Some events allow for adequate social distancing where masks will not be required. However, events where close contact may occur, or other participants present symptoms, we recommend wearing a mask.

Masks required indoors. While inside the meeting Lodge, shared community spaces such as kitchen, cabins and tents, masks are required.

Negative PCR test required at least 72 hours prior to visiting the Land. Upon entrance to a community event, you will be asked to present a negative PCR test result within the last 72 hours.

Symptomatic Actions. If showing symptoms prior or during a community event, you may be asked to complete a rapid test on site or at a local facility. Positive test result will require limited contact with other participants, or you may opt to leave the Land. No refunds for paid event will be issued.

Please visit this page for latest updates.

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