This program seeks to connect participants to the intelligence of nature, both within themselves and around them.

This program seeks to connect participants to the intelligence of nature, both within themselves and around them. Participants will be guided to experience sensory perceptions of nature through ceremony; decode their elemental signature (inspired by Dagara numerology); and explore the dreamtime.

By connecting with your nature identity, you will learn to stand in your personal power; to draw on your inborn strengths and ancestral wisdom to move through these times of uncertainty and change. Understand that you are more than you body or your mind. You are a reflection of the healing wisdom, shapeshifting potential and natural intelligence of nature that is within you and around you.

You were born for these times!

Learn to access the gifts of your authentic soul to shift and thrive!

Live classes are on Tuesdays, 7 -9pm for 4 weeks, plus a bonus module for week 5. Bonus content TBD.  Call details including audio/video conference information will be posted in the forum and/or news section and available once enrolled.

Look forward to seeing you in class!

Note: this program is a foundational course and a pre-requisite for other courses I offer in the future. Therefore, please be mindful that only participants who have taken this course will be admitted to the advanced courses. If you have taken the course with me personally, you will also be eligible to enroll in advanced courses.




Program Content

Module 1. Nature as Laboratory, Nature as Teacher
Welcome & Orientation 00:00:00
Activity: What’s Your Element? 00:00:00
In this session we explore what it means to be a fire, water, earth, nature or mineral person.
Activity: Tuning into the Elements 00:00:00
Module 2: What’s in a Name?
Crafting Your Nature Identity Chart 00:00:00
Activity: Intuiting Elemental Identities 00:00:00
Activity: Elemental Pictogram00:00
Module 3: Masculine vs Feminine Energies
Discussion: Elemental Attributes 00:00:00
Activity: Upload Charts for Analysis 00:00:00
Activity: Download Charts for analysis 00:00:00
Module 4: Reading Nature Identity Charts
Activity: Reading Nature Identity Charts 00:00:00
Module 5: Bonus Module (TBD)

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