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A weekend of healing and connection. Oct 23 – 25, Friday – Sunday.

Facilitated by Aamirah Branch (Tenbalu sob) and Robert Walker (Tingan sob)

Join the East Coast Village as we prepare to end the Earth year in a virtual ceremony to invoke Tingan and Tenbalu to ground and protect us; to seal the bonds of community; and to plant seeds in the gardens of our hearts for the Water Year to come.


Our communities are in crisis. All around us we feel the intensity of suffering, grief, and loss. We hear the soul-stirring cries of fear, isolation, injustice and hunger for restoration bursting from deep within the fragmented hearts of our loved ones.

Many have lost hope of a better future for all. We feel helpless, as if our cries go unheard.

Many are left wondering, where do we go from here? We all seek a place to belong, to be safe, to be connected.

It is at this critical time we are invited to return to the feet of the Ancestors and Nature.

As a community, we are called to revivify the principles of the Tingan/Tenbalu – protection, preservation, rebirth, abundance, and grounding.

When we ground in the Earth – we heal and restore our purpose and reason for being on this earth.

We restore our connections to each other.

We restore the protection and nurturance of  Tingan and Tenbalu.

We restore belonging, peace and protection within our families and community.

We gather together because #communitymatters.


During the gathering we will be invoking Ancestors and guardians of the Earth, Tingan/Tenbalu.

This is the expected agenda for the weekend:

  • Opening the Circle: Friday Oct 23rd, 7 PM – 9 PM
  • Grounding Ceremony: Saturday, Oct 24th,  10 AM – 1 PM
  • Closing the Circle: Sunday , Oct 25th, TBD**

Please devote time and space to fully participate in the gathering for the weekend. Come with an open heart and intention to restore balance to the earth – the planet we call home – and to our families and community. Also, closing the circle may occur on Saturday or Sunday, depending on whether we are able to complete the ceremonies on Saturday. Therefore, please remain flexible as the need arises.

All are welcome!


Note: Enrolled participants will receive further details about what to expect and items to bring to the online gathering.

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