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The East Coast Village: Inclusivity & Diversity

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The roots of the East Coast Village (ECV) began during workshops held by Malidoma in the northeast and Chicago area. In 2001, the training began at Nine Mountain Retreat Center, just east of Northampton, Massachusetts. By 2003 the Foundation had purchased land allowing Malidoma to dedicate shrines to the Spirits, and the East Coast Village – a community of like-minded people – was formed.

We consider ourselves a community of cultural creatives, people who “care deeply about ecology and saving the planet, about relationships, peace, social justice, and about self actualization, spirituality and self-expression.” (1)

Find Trust in This, the Ancient Realm

The choreography of the East Coast Village (ECV) is made up of people and groups of people with identifiable roles, responsibilities, gifts, purposes and knowledge of certain energies and vibrations which they are able to access and use for the highest good of the community.

The ECV works to integrate the indigenous African spiritual technology with our responsibilities as a non profit organization.

We are use the term “choreography” instead of “structure” to create a mindset of reciprocal relationships where everyone makes an important contribution to the whole even while some roles and responsibilities may carry greater weight in one realm or the other. Dancing together we make a pattern that connects into whole.

Become an Active Village Participant

As an Active Village Participant, you’ll gain access to offers and opportunities  available only to our members including:

  • Eligibility for tuition discounts & credits
  • Eligibility for scholarships
  • Personal retreat days at the Village
  • Right to vote at the Annual General Meeting

What does it mean to be an Active Village Participant?

The Land you are visiting and enjoying, the events you are getting involved with, the strength and vitality of the Dagara medicine which you are discovering, are only possible by the financial support, gifts and time of our active village participants and supporters. As a non profit, we depend on this commitment to stewardship for our continued operations.

As an Active Village Participant you support the Village in several ways:

1. Volunteering: We appreciate volunteers and have opportunities for many levels of involvement in our work. Refer to the Volunteering section for full details on our Volunteer Engagement Program. Our members are asked to offer a minimum of 30 hours of community service each year.

2. Financial Support: The ECV welcomes your participation at a level that’s right for you. Levels of financial support are available to households, individuals, and students.

3. Bartering: please call to discuss exchange opportunities for low income memberships.

Welcome home.


(1)Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson, The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World.


July 8, 2020

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