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K’a te sankun koro sium a ti tieru
ti kuti zumon Ka ti tuon gnin a ti vla zie to to sao deu.
May all ancestors join force to wake up our spirit and put good thoughts into our psyche. Then we shall see the good that awaits us and accept it.
–Dagara Prayer, translated by Malidoma Somé

Our Mission

The Ancestral Wisdom Bridge Foundation, d.b.a. as East Coast Village, is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting public awareness of the living traditions of indigenous peoples and the relevance of such traditions to improving the spiritual and personal well-being of people throughout our society; in keeping with the living traditions of many indigenous peoples, to encourage people to live in harmony with the environment and to preserve the environment for future generations; to thereby promote the spiritual and personal well-being of people; and to carry out the foregoing purposes by establishing ways for people to obtain, share, and develop information about the ways to improve themselves, society, and the environment, including conducting conferences, seminars and retreats in furtherance of the foregoing purposes.

Our Vision

We are an inclusive and diverse community that honors our connection to the Ancestors and Nature. We are dedicated to empowering people through the practices of indigenous African spirit technologies as brought to the West by Dagara Elder, Dr. Malidoma Somé.

Malidoma teaches that the healing power of nature, ritual and community is what the indigenous world offers to the modern world. In the indigenous world, community is integral to the harmony and balance of each individual. Ritual is the technology that weaves the individual and his/her gifts into a community that activates the transformative power of the natural world. We offer to the West, African spirit technologies, so long held secret, as tools to enable individuals live more peaceful and empowered lives.

About Malidoma Somé

Malidoma Some

Many people consider Malidoma Somé to be the most important living interpreter of African indigenous wisdom in the west. As divined by his elders before he was born, he has devoted his life in many ways and in many places around the world to building a bridge between two apparently conflicting cultures.

A personal message from Malidoma:

Dear Friend,
The time for a vigorous act of devotion to, and embracing of the indigenous wisdom of Africa has come. After centuries of silence and in hiding, the teachings and wisdom of the Ancestors are rising up to lead the world into the next level of consciousness and spirituality. As we know, the African continent is not just the birthplace of mankind but also the repository of profound unseen powers and technologies. These technologies remain on standby ready to contribute to a radical healing change much needed in the world today…
This calls for a dedicated initiative on the part of those in whose heart ancient Africa speaks. I invite those who hear the call to check in for this exciting and compelling journey home. From that place one can expect to find out how much of the old, ancient ways inside of them have been waiting to burst out in service to the world’s need for healing and transformation.
In peace and healing,
Malidoma Somé

Visit malidoma.com to learn more about Malidoma and see his personal schedule of events.


Your love of nature, spirit, magic, and ancestral connection has anchored the work of this community. We appreciate your continued support in honoring the healing wisdom of indigenous Africa. Please donate now!

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