Our Mission & Vision

The East Coast Village is an inclusive and diverse community that honors our connection to the Ancestors and Nature. We are dedicated to empowering people through the practices of indigenous African spirit technologies as brought to the West by Dagara Elder, Dr. Malidoma Somé.

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Meet Dr. Malidoma Somé

Many people consider Malidoma Somé to be the most important living interpreter of African indigenous wisdom in the west. As divined by his elders before he was born, he has devoted his life in many places around the world to build a bridge between two apparently conflicting cultures.


Village Voices

We are changing lives, one member at at time. We stand as witnesses to the transformation, healing and spiritual growth of our members, friends and visitors to the village. Read just some of our stories. You are invited to write your own story of transformation. We would love to share it.

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Community Outreach

Trained facilitators will bring the Dagara wisdom tradition to you!  Bring members of your community together and we will create a program based on your needs. Read more….

Community Gatherings

Every year, the community comes together to honor, celebrate and connect with the shrines and spirits that make our work possible. Read more…

Ritual Healing Intensives

Your journey begins with the Ritual Healing Village, a 4-part series of intensive exploration into the Dagara wisdom tradition. Read more…


Apprenticeship Program

The apprenticeship program is for those who see the value in preserving indigenous wisdom and who feel the call to heal in a powerful way based on the practices of indigenous Africa. Read more…

Elder Malidoma Interview with Jeffrey Mishlove on the Thinking Allowed series.

This is a short excerpt of a video in which Malidoma Somé describes his childhood among the Dagara people, focusing on their use of ritual as a means of establishing an ongoing relationship with the worlds of their ancestors and of the spirits. He also describes his own shamanic initiation. He suggests that the elders of the Dagara community were skilled in creating doorways through which practitioners could pass into other dimensions of reality.

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Open House & Tenbalu Celebration, May 30,31

Organizer: Admin

Join us for Open House 2015 & Earth Year Celebration!…

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Open House & Tenbalu Celebration, May 30,31

RHV: The Elements of Nature, June 8-14

Organizer: Admin

The epic 7-day ritual encampment experience with Malidoma!…

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RHV: The Elements of Nature, June 8-14

Women’s Wisdom Weekend, July 31-Aug 2

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Join us for the annual women’s gathering….

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Women's Wisdom Weekend, July 31-Aug 2